About Us

The remarkable CAPTIONHD, a miniature video action camera, is the first product brought to you by Gare Bear Designs. It is the smallest and lightest true action camera, offering unbeaten video quality in a tiny, convenient package with unmatched ease-of-use and mounting flexibility. When compared to the leading “action cameras” on the market, it represents the common-sense approach to what an action camera should be---really small, really lightweight and really simple, but uncompromising in video and audio quality.

Gare Bear Designs was created to bring you cool, unique and moderately-priced products from around the world.  We will be introducing products made by others, items designed and manufactured by us, things made elsewhere and modified by Gare Bear and combinations thereof.  But always the best quality stuff that somehow makes your life easier/better/cooler.  Stay tuned……….