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You’ve been invited by Matt and the KC’s staff to purchase the CAPTIONHD Hunters Kit that you’ve been reading and hearing so much about. By using the provided Code, you will receive free shipping on everything you order, courtesy of KC’s Hounds and Houndsmen.

The CAPTIONHD is the ideal action camera for the hunter and houndsman. Its tiny size and super light weight (just 1.4 oz.) let you mount it on your shotgun, rifle, handgun or bow—and hardly notice it’s there. 

The CAPTIONHD, much smaller and lighter than the newly popular “action cameras,” offers unbeaten video quality in a convenient package with unmatched ease-of-use and mounting flexibility. It represents the common-sense approach to what an action camera should be---really small, really lightweight and really simple, but uncompromising in video and audio quality. 

Click Here to take a look at the CAPTIONHD Hunters Kit. Look around the site to learn more and shop all of the available mounts and accessories. You probably have hobbies and are involved in activities outside of hunting. You’ll see that the CAPTIONHD can be mounted virtually anywhere. Think about capturing your memories of biking, skiing, racing, snowboarding, ATV, RC vehicle video, jet skiing and on and on. 

Houndsmen Testimonials:

"If anyone is looking for a light weight camera that takes high quality video with great audio, I HIGHLY recommend  the CAPTIONHD. this camera is great for going into bear trees hands free to catch & leash hounds. I just wear it on my hat and get great video. it`s also a must for coyote hunters that want to film their hunts and shots. this camera is so light you won`t even know it`s on your gun, I had one mounted on my gun now and had it mounted on my bow this past season. in my opinion, this cameras video quality is second to none and I have a lot of video and action cameras".

Matt McDonnell, Owner-KC's Hounds and Houndsmen


"I am writing today to express my thanks for your bringing the CAPTIONHD camera system to the hunting market. The hunting market is in transition with the latest craze for self-videotaping of hunts and adds to the joy of being afield. I started videotaping my archery and gun hunts several years ago using a Sony HDR Handycam mounted on my equipment for POV/POA video. Though it offers terrific video quality, it is cumbersome from the weight and negatively affects my videotape performance owing to the weight and the post shot movement of the camera. I found your CAPTIONHD and was skeptical at first but thought with minimal investment, the risk was worth the test. WOW, I now have a very light weight camera system the size of my Zippo that offers video quality comparable to my high end camera and easily performs equal to or better than the “GP” brand. As I am learning more about the system setup of the CAPTIONHD I am becoming an even bigger fan and am recommending the camera to all of my hunting buddies!"

 Charlie Crotser





KC’s recommends: Hat Clip Mount 


The CAPTIONHD is so light (1.4 ounces), that even with the hat clip and Tripedal Magnetic Mount, you can easily mount it to your hat visor without losing personal mobility.

Unlike the popular "small" video cameras available, the tiny CAPTIONHD is light enough that it's not a hindrance to the activity you are trying to film. Why wear a camera that gets in your way and makes you walk funny because your head is top-heavy? The CAPTIONHD is hardly noticeable on hats and "not even there" on helmets.


Hunter's Kit Contents

CAPTIONHD Action Camera

Camera Holder/Mount Base 

Hunter’s Stabilizer Bow Mount (Specify L or R)

¼-20 Threaded Standard Tripod Mount

Rubber Spacer (for ¼-20)

Weatherproof/Water Resistant Rubber Cover

Tripedal Magnetic Mount

Adhesive back Magnetic Mounting Disc

Round Bar “V” Mount

16GB MicroSD Memory Card

USB Cable

Car Charger

Zip Ties (4)

Adhesive backed Velcro

Replacement Weather Cover lens Covers (5)


Instruction Manual

Camera Configuration Utility



Remember -- KC's is providing free shipping on your order.

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 CAPTIONHD  Specifications 

  • Video:  1080P @ 30fps Full HD, 720P @ 60fps HD  H.264.AVC1 video codec. .MOV file format
  • Still Photo: 2304 x 1536,  1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, supports Time Lapse Photography
  • Super Miniature size-- Only 61mm (2.25") x 35mm (1.375") x 18mm (.685")
  • Super Lightweight-- only 1.4 ounces
  • Includes Flexible Plastic Weather Cover
  • Excellent Low Light Performance\
  • Rear-facing Record Indicator for easy viewing
  • High Quality Audio
  • Rechargeable LIPO Battery (500 mah) with Charger Manage IC,  90-Minute record time
  • MicroSD card slot,  Supports up to 32GB    
  • USB 2.0- Plug & Play-- no Drivers needed
  • Live TV video output while recording using optional TV-Out Cable
  • Exclusive Magnetic Mounting System-- Mount it securely, almost anywhere!
  • Top located LED indicators
  • Webcam Mode
  • Standard and Wide-angle viewing options
  • Power-On automatic recording (One Button) start mode



Remember -- KC's is providing free shipping on your order.

Use Coupon Code: KCH504 at checkout